A Family Hike

Spring has finally arrived! After many weeks of snow one day and 70 degree weather the next, it’s refreshing to see that spring is definitely here. Last weekend was beautiful so we decided to take full advantage of it. After attending a sweet cousin’s wedding Saturday morning in the mountains, we met up with Matthew’s dad (aka Grand-dad) for our first family hike and picnic. Here are the highlights.


We hiked the Old Sugarlands Trail, approximately 4 miles round trip. Zechariah had the privilege of riding on His daddy’s back the whole trip. (Many thanks to my sister-in-law, Emily, for allowing us to borrow their backpack carrier).

IMG_1330 IMG_1333

And as you can see, he was more than excited and loved it. (Both father and son 🙂 ).

IMG_1341 IMG_6902 IMG_1345

We stopped for a picnic lunch down by the river. With the mountain water rushing and the sun shining, who could ask for a better view. Zechariah loved playing in the dirt and moss. It was too irresistible; he couldn’t keep his hands out it.

IMG_6904 IMG_6908

After a full day of excitement, our little man was all tuckered out and had to take a snooze on the trek back.

It was truly a blessed day. God is so gracious in allowing us to enjoy his magnificent creations. I look forward to many more family adventures together.


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