30 to 30

In lieu of my 30th birthday this year, my amazing and creative husband decided to make it extra special and memorable. He surprised me each day with a gift, most being contained in an envelope (placed randomly throughout the house) and most consisting of the number 30. Now keep in mind that my birthday is on the 30th so that means 30 days of gift giving! Woohoo! And that, my friend, calls for some great creativity! So here’s how my man blessed me from May 1st all the way to May 30th.


May 1: 30 minute backrub from Matthew (I’ve definitely already used this one)

May 2: Ten 3-hour break tear aways. Just tear off a tab and present for an automatic 3 hour break. No kid. No husband.

May 3: $30

May 4: 30 Things I love about you written out

May 5: 30 pieces of Dove dark chocolate (Yum! And yes, I eat one everyday.)

May 6: 30 “I love you more” written out on paper

May 7: Two 15-minute hair brushings from Matthew (I’ve used one of these already too)

May 8: One meal cooked by Matthew before my 30th birthday (A very special treat since he’s not the cook in our family..haha )

May 9: 30 memories of us written down

May 10: Collage of 30 pictures of Zechariah and me (This was on Mother’s Day)

May 11: 30 words describing me

May 12: $30 gift card to Olive Garden

May 13: Greeting card “The Truth about turning 30” with 60 star stickers

May 14: 30 beautiful red roses (See picture below)

May 15: 30 text messages from friends and family saying “15 days to go” (My phone was blowing up all day…it didn’t take long for me to catch on though)

May 16: Before birthday, 10 finger manicure, 10 toe pedicure. After birthday 10 finger manicure

May 17: Proverbs 31 woman scripture typed out

May 18: Proverbs 31 woman (Matthew’s version in reference to me, some were pretty clever and funny, others very generous and thoughtful)

May 19: 30 ponytail holders

May20: 60 minute Spa Visage gift card (Can’t wait to use this one!)

May 21: 30 candles

May 22: 30 balloons

May 23: $25 gift card to Bonefish Grill (which rounds to 30 he noted)

May 24: 30 ink pens

May 25: New planner (Because I HAVE TO HAVE my planner)

May 26: 30 party horns

May 27: 30 pieces of gum

May 28: 30 party poppers

May 29: New journal

May 30: New iPhone (in conjunction with the generosity of my Mom)

I have to say Matthew has always been a big hearted gift giver, but he definitely set the bar high this year. God has blessed me beyond measure with this man and I pray I never take him for granted.

I think I’m going to like being 30.
IMG_2186    IMG_2228


Turning 30 on May 30th at the 30A beach


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