A Perfect Fall Weekend

Not only was there perfect Fall weather this weekend, but there were also perfect Fall activities at the Francis household. Instead of creating three separate posts I decided to combine them all into one.

First, we began the pumpkin painting process…FYI the hardest part was actually deciding how to paint them.

                                   IMG_2743   IMG_2745

Our finished product…The Francis Pumpkin Family: Daddy, Mommy, and Baby Z


Then I took the initiative to make my first Fall wreath…I have to say I was quite proud of myself since I am by no means crafty on my own.


(All courtesy to Pinterest. DIY Burlap Wreath and How to make a perfect bow)

The next day we spent time at Oakes Farm with some of our good friends…

                    IMG_1900   IMG_1899


We slid down slides…

                                  IMG_1904       IMG_1948   IMG_1496

(I think Matthew had just as much fun as Z.)

Swung on swings made to be horses, tractors, deer, and bulls…

                   IMG_1919      IMG_1921

Rode on pedal cars and tricycles…

                    IMG_1913      IMG_2752

Saw farm critters…

                     IMG_1936     IMG_1938

        IMG_1929      IMG_1933   IMG_1932

(I had flash backs to the childhood story Three Billy Goats Gruff with this one.)

Wove our way through a corn maze…

                       IMG_1508     IMG_1517

                        IMG_1959      IMG_1957


And last but not least took a hayride to the pumpkin patch…

                                       IMG_1971     IMG_1975


And if that wasn’t enough Fall for one weekend, we decided to top it off with another craft…

                     IMG_1982     IMG_1987

          IMG_1994     IMG_1995

                             IMG_1998      IMG_1999

Whew…I think I’ll call it a well spent weekend…maybe we’ll do it all again next year and make it a family tradition. 🙂


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