Happy Birthday to my little man!

Yes, I know it’s about a month late, but since I’ve seemed to develop a pattern of posting things late I thought I might as well continue it.

Anyway, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to my little man! It was so much fun celebrating his birthday. From the planning and prepping to the party and presents, each part was memorable and special.

I’ll let you in on a fun fact; Matthew is all about his own birthday and always has been. He doesn’t long for lots of presents or a big celebration, but just for his birthday (and birthday month) to be acknowledged. Sshh, don’t tell him I told you but he even keeps up with when his half birthday is..haha How can I not help but love this man? He’s so fun to love. ☺ Now, back to birthdays. Since Matthew’s big on birthdays, I thought it only appropriate to start a tradition of making each of our children’s birthdays a special day. Doesn’t everyone deserve to celebrate and have one day all about them? I have so many good birthday memories from childhood even through my teenage years. Now I’m not saying for every year there will be a big shebang or fancy presents. But, I do hope that we will take the time to make their day memorable by at least having a special meal, activity, game, movie, etc.

With that being said, let the celebration begin…


First, a trip to the zoo…

IMG_8317   IMG_8266        IMG_8340

and splash pad…
IMG_8388    IMG_8367      IMG_8405

with Momma and Grandmama

IMG_2527        IMG_8436

Then later that day he got himself a balloon and cookie…

  IMG_1834    IMG_2577

Now for the party…

DSC_0842     DSC_0837

It took a lot of time, work and practice, but I was excited I was able to make his smash cake, cupcakes and toppers. It’s definitely not professional, but not too shabby for a beginner. I’m not a crafty person so Pinterest was my friend for decorating, ideas, recipes and tips. The cakes were homemade funfetti with buttercream icing.  Homemade funfetti cake and buttercream icing from Sally’s Baking Addiction


The anticipation begins…time for cake!


DSC_0898 DSC_0915   DSC_0931

DSC_0919   DSC_0909   DSC_0926

Needless to say he enjoyed every bite. I must give compliments and thanks to my sister Lacey for capturing each moment with her great photography skills and to Matthew for executing my plan for the streamer backdrop. Each were a huge help!

DSC_0976                DSC_1014      DSC_1006

Cousins, friends, and family all came to celebrate.

Two things that are unique about the birthday boy…

DSC_0978   1. He shares his birthday with his Grand-dad.

DSC_0987   2. He shares his name (as well as his looks) with his Papa.


How blessed we are to have survived and celebrated our first year as parents with our firstborn son!


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