A first Father’s Day

Sorry for the delayed post, but the whole month of June whizzed by before I knew it.

It’s fun getting to celebrate new holidays this year now that Matthew and I are parents. Matthew is always a great gift giver.  He made my first Mother’s Day special so I wanted to try and do the same for him. However, my creative juices aren’t as natural as his so I usually need a little supplementation from outside sources (aka Pinterest). After meshing some of Pinterest’s ideas with my own, I decided on a three part gift: a card, pictures and an experience.

The Card

IMG_1974  IMG_1976

I’m so thankful that Zechariah has Matthew as a dad. It’s my prayer that he will grow up to be just like his daddy. There’s no one better for him to look up to as he grows from a baby to boy and into a man. He doesn’t know it yet, but one day he’ll realize what an amazing example his dad is setting for him to follow as a man, husband, father and believer in Christ. What you see is what you get with Matthew. He’s always fun, loving, joyful, patient, giving and selfless. Even on a bad day his attitude and character are better than most. He lives out what he believes, does what is right and is confident in exactly who he is. Who wouldn’t want to follow in those footsteps?

The finger painting was much more difficult than I anticipated. One set of adult hands versus one set of a nine month old’s hands and feet kicking and flailing mixed with blue paint…whew, that will wear you out. It may seem as if Zechariah has about 10 toes and 3 fingers, but the way I see it is I consider it a success that neither of us turned out looking like a Smurf!

The Picture


(Frame found at Hobby Lobby with chalkboard matting. Pretty cool considering Matthew has a chalkboard in his home office which he loves.)

 IMG_1777 - Version 2               IMG_1779 - Version 2

IMG_1771 - Version 2           IMG_1776

This photo shoot was inspired by Pinterest. I tried using a button-down dress shirt as well, but Zechariah wasn’t having that so I just stuck with the tie. (Which, by the way, is the one Matthew wore in our wedding.) And since the theme was “I want to be just like Daddy,” there was no better place than Daddy’s office with his dearly beloved books, ranging from Where’s Waldo to Differential Equations. And in case you’re wondering, yes he does enjoy reading his math and science books during his leisure time. (Matthew, not Zechariah). What can I say, I’m married to a nerd, but I sure do love him.

As far as the experience goes, I played off of Matthew’s spa gift certificate to me for Mother’s Day. Two of Matthew’s favorite things are having his hair brushed and getting a haircut. Well, there’s a premiere barbershop in town that’s actually been voted America’s best barbershop for the past three years. It’s truly a man’s place to be with old fashioned barbering, hot towel shaves, pool tables and more. So in honor of becoming a dad, Matthew will get the luxury of having a classic cut and shave the old fashioned way. Here’s there link if you want to check them out: Frank’s Barbershop.

Happy first Father’s Day! This little boy is blessed!











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