Mother’s Day

I know it’s a few of weeks late, but better late than never, right? As a first time mom, I was able to enjoy Mother’s Day in a new way this year. It still seems weird at times to stop and realize that I’m actually a mom. There’s a little boy that God has entrusted to me and whom my husband and I are responsible for raising, teaching, providing for, discipling and loving. It’s a lot of responsibility (and scary at times), but I would gladly accept that role and challenge any day.

Matthew, of course, is an amazing husband and daddy. He helped make this first Mother’s Day extra special. In the middle of the night, while up with Zechariah (who wasn’t sleeping well), I found this:


IMG_1618                                  IMG_1622

A homemade card (which is always the best), flowers and a spa gift certificate. 🙂 (I’m spoiled, I know)

Now for the sappy part. My mom (who is always thoughtful and wonderful and has set an excellent example of what a great mother looks like), not only had Zechariah “sign” a card for me, but also shared the sweetest Mother/Son video with my sister and me. It’s a must see for all moms, no matter if you have sons or daughters. WARNING: Have tissues within arms reach!

My Mom

The impact a mom has on her children is powerful, whether good or bad. It’s my prayer that I impress upon my children the sacrificial, selfless, unconditional love that has been greatly poured out on me by the Creator of love himself. And most importantly, make an eternal impact in each of their lives.

Here are a few of my favorite Mother/Son pictures from these first months as a mom. This little boy melts my heart. 🙂








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