My Sexy Man of God

I’d have to say Matthew is a 32 out of 33. What do I mean by that you may ask. Well, Matthew oh so kindly (from the pulpit in front of our church family) reminded me of a list made long ago. “The List”, first created in 2005, was an extensive list of characteristics that I was desiring and praying for in a husband…33 characteristics to be exact. (I wasn’t being picky; I just had high standards.) If you do the math, I wrote out that list four years before Matthew and I even met, six years before we married. I prayed over that list many times during that period, asking God to bless me with the husband He knew I needed. And to no surprise He did just that. But what’s even more amazing is He blessed me even more than I was able to pray for when He gave me Matthew as my husband.

Just to give you a sampling of the specifics, here are a few of the characteristics I listed. (And yes we still have the list.) I’m a firm believer in bringing very detailed and specific requests to our Father. Even though He already knows it from our heart, I think He enjoys hearing it from our mouths as well. And it helps grow our faith. Nothing’s too silly, simple or complex for Him.

  • Makes me laugh
  • Loves kids and wants a big family
  • My family and friends love him too
  • Respects, appreciates and honors me
  • Easy to talk to, listens to me
  • Good looking
  • Makes me feel like a ten
  • Smart

Now my top three desires were for my future husband to be a godly, Christian man who loves Jesus, lives to serve God daily, and ministers to others through his lifestyle. Matthew and I have only been married for about 3 years, but in that time God has shown me more and more how he fulfills these desires. Matthew is always in the mode of helping and serving others, whether it’s financially, counseling, teaching or like this past Sunday, preaching.

Our church held a Next Generation service this past Sunday where the youth led the worship and Matthew preached. His sermon was titled “Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross?” taken from Colossians 2:13-15. He invested a lot of time and effort into preparing and I must say he preached and taught God’s word very well. Matthew loves to learn about anything and everything and he loves to share what he learns. (I get a science lesson just about everyday 🙂 ) Through his sermon we were all able to learn four reasons why Jesus had to die on the cross. My favorite reason being simply “God said so”. His word stated it would happen almost 1,000 years before Jesus was even born! What God speaks He does.

I’m thankful for being able to learn more about God and His word under the leadership of my husband. This is my sexy man of God and I’m honored to be called his wife.


Oh, just in case you’re wondering…the characteristic that Matthew does not meet that he mentioned to the church was my future husband being able to play the guitar. It would have been a nice bonus, but I’ll take 32 out of 33. 🙂


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